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Vivatel SIMpatia - banners and e-media planning

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After has developeded an e-marketing strategy to build up the offline campaign for the product "test SIMpatia" of Vivatel, our customers have assigned us the task to plan the online advertising campaign and create the digital view.

Our creative design team has created banners to present the "test SIMpatitia". Digital creative is fully adapted to the specifics of the campaign and target audience, because we know that this is one of the most important factors for the effectiveness of any internet ad campaign.

After detailed market research E-marketing specialists of have defined the target group for the online campaign: mainly young people - up to 35 years related to friendships and relationships regardless of their gender and sexuality. Based on the objectives has realized a high effective advertising strategy in Internet, using correct digital channels and reaching the target destination.

Date of completion: 11.3.2009
Used technologies: FLASH

e-marketing strategy communication

digital creative and e-media planning

internet advertising campaign for gsm service

e-media planning and media buying

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