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4fun - Banners and digital creative

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Together with our partner Leo Burnett we have developed a digital creative and e-marketing strategy for communication of the portal of Vivatel The creative team of has created banners whose purpose was not advertising of the site, but establish 4fun as a brand - brand gathered two names: BTC ADSL and 4fun.

4fun portal gives unique privileges and bonuses to all ADSL customers including access to the music catalog of Universal, 51 TV channels, games and chance to win free concert tickets for concerts of world famous stars. The portal is the first in Bulgaria to give free access to legal music content in internet.

Creating digital creative with Leo Burnett, our goal is to replace the term "home" internet of BTC ADSL by internet and entertainment of BTC ADSL/4fun for the neighborhood. Through its diversity and content 4fun “infects” whole communities connecting all subscribers of BTC ADSL. The truck "ADSL rocks" comes to your neighborhood only with BTC ADSL and offers you different musical styles - the different characters symbolize different music genres. The whole neighborhood gathers to see what is happening. Whoever does not have ADSL/4fun wants to have it, because 4fun is "The Hit of the Neighborhood!"

Date of completion: 09.2.2009
Used technologies: FLASH

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