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Mini web site and internet marketing online strategy for Piccadilly

View project has created a Christmas fairy tale for Piccadilly. Visiting the mini website of Piccadilly for Christmas, visitors come in the world of Santa Claus, filled with unique holiday atmosphere and many surprises and magic.

Behind that magic interface consultants have planned an internet marketing platform, integrated with the loyalty system of Piccadilly (card software) to achieve the following

- to announce the special Christmas offers of Piccadilly
- to develop brand loyalty
- to train clients in the distribution in the supermarket Piccadilly
- creating a sense of brand and its website as the place where Christmas miracle happens
- to express their respect to customers and their importance
- to attract new customers
- to promote Piccadilly Club - loyalty program for customers
- to increase the number of members of the Piccadilly Club

Thousands of shared dreams of real people with their name, address, telephone, email, persanal codes and favourite Piccadilly shops. Thousands of ordered club cards for the loyalty programm of the supermarket. The results of the e-marketing club card campaign (within the 45 day campaign) took two-digit percentage of the total number of cards issued so far by Piccadilly in the more than 9 years of history of the brand loyalty programm.

Used technologies: FLASH, PHP, MySQL

e-marketing campaign mini web site

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